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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I hate Salesforce.com...

I have started this blog as a forum for other disgruntled users of Salesforce.com!

I am sick of all the downtime, tired of the arrogant sales people (I feel like CS only contacts me when they want to sell more licenses), and if I never hear or see another interview with Marc Benioff again, it will be too soon.

Last week I noticed they (SFDC) released a new "sandbox" which users can sign for to the tune of $25 p/head. What a scam! Other CRM vendors have had the same thing for years - FOR FREE!!! This is another way they want to exploit me for more money. And the fact the media picked up with little-or-no research is unbelievable...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My advice to Mark: More time considering the use and scalability of your core product and less time trying to plan how to take over the world one desktop at a time

12:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We were down all day Tuesday, effectively shutting down our sales, support and order processing. No note or comment from them of explaination. I like salesforce for a lot of things, but if our company can't get at them then they are no good to me. If there is another outage like Tuesday then we'll be looking elsewhere.

And Mark B. is the most annoying tech exec out there... and I'm looking forward to him being humbled soon in the future.

7:54 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mind pointing me to any other on demand CRM application that has a sandbox functionality? A point and click, completely automated option to copy over all configurations and data to a replicated server that I can do trainings and configuration testing on? The only CRM vendors I know that will do this a) charge a huge service fee since it's a manual process b) only do it when requested - and can take days if not weeks to do it.

Maybe you should check your facts?

10:35 AM

Blogger CRMGuy said...

I detect a bit of sarcasm in your post, Anonymous, but in the spirit of "fact checking" I actually went out and did some. Here are two vendors - Salesnet and Rightnow - who have offered a Sandbox for years, and yes, they offer it for free.



Contact them and you will find setup time is instantaneous and there are no service fees.

Are you sure you checked your facts?

7:54 PM

Blogger Chad Meyer said...

This past Tuesday's outage is just one of many in the recent past. Their performance is often poor and this is causing problems with getting my staff to use it the way they should.

Every service is entitled to their problems, but saleforce has too many.

4:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was a Team edition customer for 1 year and it was great while I was using it. Toward the end of that year I asked to cancel my service. My request was processed...

2 months later I tried to login to see if my account was cancelled. Through their sly contractual setup, when you login this constitutes access and therefore you are obligated to pay. I couldn't get out of it -- had to pay another year of service or risk collections.

Now I haven't accessed it for over a year and I still get invoices. The thing is these are REALLY sly invoices -- there are links at the top to "log in" to check my account status, etc. However, lower down on the invoice it shows the amount and then shows "Paid in Full".

Basically they are not sending me an invoice but trying to trick me into logging into the system so they can bill me again and argue that its part of the contract.

These kind of tactics make me sick and despite my respect for the great system they have developed, I can no longer recommend them to any small business.

7:03 AM


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