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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A post from SFDC - "Keep your offline synched"

This is from their site... still no mention of the outage...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's fine to gripe, but at least be factual. I use offline every day and it can download way more than 100 records. In fact, I've never run into the storage limits of offline.

10:26 AM

Blogger CRMGuy said...

Anonymous, thanks for the post - I clarified my statement above. To further clarify, there is, in fact, a limit on the number of records offline can hold - 500 accounts. Clearly, you/your business is not large enough to notice the impact, however we are a good sized sales organization and that limit does impact our ability to be productive and manage a large, dispersed sales force (pardon the pun).

To be clear, the point of the post wasn't simply on the limitations in offline, the implication from SFDC's was that by synching your offline the loss of productivity experienced yesterday would be avoided. That is were I take issue. After nearly 24 hours hours of no response or comments about the downtime, they come out and say "Be sure to synch you offline". Talk about a slap in the face to users!

Here is the breakdown of the limitations in offline:
- 500 Accounts
- 4000 Contacts
- 4000 Opportunities
- 6000 tasks
- 6000 events

Additionally, I should note, that there are flaws in the offline edition. One of which is an open XML format that is easily corrupted.

1:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like the next version of the offline version they're bumping up the limits to 5000 accounts...


It also seems to be an encrypted database now, not XML.

1:58 PM

Blogger CRMGuy said...

thanks for the update... Again, the point of my post was less about the limitations of the offline and more about how the situation was handled. A 24-hour response time from an 8-hour outage is poor, and to say "keep your offline synched" is insulting.

Quoting a client in the RedHerring.com article title "Salesforce outage hurts image": "I'm really, really angry about this because [Salesforce is] out there marketing themselves as something they're just not living up to."

"Salesforce.com however owes it to [customers] to explain why this happened. They should be taking active responsibility and refunding costs to customers."

2:17 PM


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