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Thursday, December 22, 2005

UPDATED: Responding to other blogs...

Chris Selland posted a blog earlier talking about the SFDC outage and the long and short of it is: no Big deal... See below

"Bottom line: I'm not making light of this - downtime is never good - but I also don't see this as a very big deal - unless it happens again, and repeatedly. As with Ebay a few years back, yesterday's events aren't something Salesforce can (or will) ignore - but I have little doubt they'll learn from it - and get better."
To read the entire blog, see below:

I have to say, I appreciate where Chris is coming from, however, I don't think he has been using Salesforce for very long. If he had been using it for a while he would know, it has happened before and more often than he may believe. This is an all too common occurance for Salesforce. Yesterday just happened to be the straw that broke the camel's back from a media/PR standpoint. To see just how wide spread the downtime is visit this blog: http://charliecrystle.blogspot.com/2005/10/leaving-salesforcecom.html

It's simply a larger issue than people (outside their user base) believe.

UPDATE: See the links to this post... http://gripeforce.blogspot.com/2005/12/i-hate-salesforcecom.html#links


Anonymous Chris Selland said...

I've been using Salesforce - in 3 different implementations - since 2001. This is the first extended outage I've ever experienced.

And as a matter of fact I didn't experience it - whatever server/node I was working from on Tuesday was untouched. I was in the system all day without a hiccup.

10:11 AM

Blogger CRMGuy said...

Fair enough Chris, I respect your opinion. However, I think you have been one of the lucky ones. While the 8-hour outage was the largest, the system has gone down on several occasions, for shorter periods of time. It has impacted productivity and is frustrating from a user perspective. The many smaller outages add up to a larger issue.

12:08 PM


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