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Monday, January 30, 2006

Another outage....

This is starting to happen all to often. From 10:30 AM through lunch Salesforce was down. This is too much. Two days left in the month and the sales team can't access their data. It's amazing their marketing website never goes down... I guess it shows where they are spending all their money...


Anonymous Mohit Goyal said...

I was also given the run around by SFDC on the 30th. We've had service go down at *least* every Monday since Jan 9. They happily told me it was going back up at 11am PST Monday (ended up being 11:30am PST for us), but neglected until I called later to tell me the API was going to be down until 3pm PST.

No proactive communcation sent. Had to wait for people to call/email me back.

Monday they said they'd give us access to status.salesforce.com, but yesterday they reversed that decision.

8:51 AM


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