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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Interesting comment from a contributor

Mohit Goyal said...
I was also given the run around by SFDC on the 30th. We've had service go down at *least* every Monday since Jan 9. They happily told me it was going back up at 11am PST Monday (ended up being 11:30am PST for us), but neglected until I called later to tell me the API was going to be down until 3pm PST.No proactive communcation sent. Had to wait for people to call/email me back.Monday they said they'd give us access to status.salesforce.com, but yesterday they reversed that decision.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1:05PM Central time on February 9th. Here we go again. The servers are down and everything has been running slow.

11:06 AM


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