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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Is this true???

Just received this blog and since I am not a user of the team edition, I can not speak to it's validity... can anyone confirm if this is true???

"I was a Team edition customer for 1 year and it was great while I was using it. Toward the end of that year I asked to cancel my service. My request was processed...2 months later I tried to login to see if my account was cancelled. Through their sly contractual setup, when you login this constitutes access and therefore you are obligated to pay. I couldn't get out of it -- had to pay another year of service or risk collections.Now I haven't accessed it for over a year and I still get invoices. The thing is these are REALLY sly invoices -- there are links at the top to "log in" to check my account status, etc. However, lower down on the invoice it shows the amount and then shows "Paid in Full". Basically they are not sending me an invoice but trying to trick me into logging into the system so they can bill me again and argue that its part of the contract.These kind of tactics make me sick and despite my respect for the great system they have developed, I can no longer recommend them to any small business. "


Anonymous David Dobrin said...

I have also experienced problems with being billed when I did not want to be. I was signed up for one year, let it lapse, but was billed again--all "a mistake," but very irritating and difficult to deal with.

9:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have just noticed that Salesforce.com is charging its UK customers 75% MORE than its domestic customers for exactly the same product!

Take a look at the relative costs of Salesforce.com Team Edition in the two markets - the price is given on both websites just below the big animated graphic:

- At http://www.salesforce.com/ it says "Special: Team Edition CRM — $699/5 users/1 year"

- At http://www.salesforce.com/uk/ it says "Special: Team Edition CRM — £690/5 users/1 year"

That means if you buy as a UK customer you pay £690 for a product that if you had a US address would be costing you £393 at today's exchange rate - a 75% PRICE HIKE!

Matters are worse for our Euroland cousins, who are paying £725 for the same product!

How can this be justified?

1:46 AM


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