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Thursday, February 16, 2006

New status site...

Salesforce officially announced status.salesforce.com (you can also reach it at http://trust.salesforce.com/)...

The media has mixed reviews on this... some positive, some negative... My opinion is let's see what happens when there is another downtime incident...tell me what this page tells a VP of Sales when they can't access their CRM system?

"WOW, they seem to be processing a lot of transactions - whatever those are - and there's a yellow light. Okay, I guess now that I see this, I don't care they they are having an outage."

In my opinion - salesforce missed the mark on this. This page should be all about WHAT THEY WILL DO FROM A COMMUNICATION STANDPOINT WHEN AN OUTAGE OCCURS. Simply stating the system is up or down, really isn't enough -WE KNOW WHEN IT'S UP OR DOWN BECAUSE WE CAN'T LOG IN. What we really want to know is (1) what you are doing to solve the problem and (2) when any issues will be resolved.

I'm interested in hearing other opinions on this...


Anonymous Jason said...

I would agree to a large part with your evaluation. I did not initially realize that the "trust." subdomain existed; it seems to me to be a poor subliminal marketing effort, and an unfortunate one at that.

The page provides an incredibly limited, hindsight methodology for reporting outages, and nothing in terms of value to customers that I can see (other than another page to surf to during outages, I suppose).

I will have to wait and see how they plan on updating this and adding value to it during outagaes before passing final judgement.

11:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just checked the "Trust" aka the "We're going to show you everything is GREEN" page and saw this...

"All systems are available
At 6:28pm PST (2:28 AM GMT), a primary hardware server in our cluster failed and one of our North American (NA1) servers did not automatically recover. This required a manual restart of the NA1 database, which completed at 7:03pm PST (3:03 AM GMT).

Servers for Asia (ap), Europe (emea) and North America (NA0) were also impacted due to complications in the recovery from the primary failure. The Asia (ap) system was down from 7:08pm PST (3:08 AM GMT) to 7:18pm PST (3:18 AM GMT), the European (emea) system was down from 7:12pm PST (3:12 AM GMT) to 7:16pm PST (3:16 AM GMT) and the North American (NA0) system was down from 7:12 to 7:19pm PST (3:12 to 3:19 AM GMT)."

I love "All systems are avaiable, BUT some stuff crashed and we had to reboot it..."

I have a question. What's a "primary hardware server"? Don't they mean DATABASE SERVER since they go on to tell us once again that the "cluster" failed and the databases needed to be rebooted.

6:34 AM


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