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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A question of Anonymity...

This afternoon I received this message from Bruce at "The Enterprise Software Observer" (If you have a few minutes he has a great blog at: http://www.esofto.com)

"Hey CRM Guy!
I was told you are really a competitor of salesforce.com. Is that true? Would you be willing to reveal who you work for, on a confidential or public basis, whichever works for you?
Bruce Daley
The Enterprise Software Observer

Sorry Bruce, no can do!... While it's not true, (playing devil's advocate for a moment) I guess you never really know, I could be a competitor… or I could be a Salesforce employee tired of all the lies (ooh the drama!)... maybe my real name is Larry Elison and I'm typing from the captain's chair of my yacht... or I could be from a big salesforce implementation and would be risking my employment if were to disclose my name or the name of my employer (the risk is real whether done in a private or public forum)...

Anonymity is the safer bet so, you be the judge…


Anonymous Jason said...

If you're an employee (or shareholder) of a competing company, props for not touting your own wares. (Now don't start doing that and make me look like a fool.)

If you work for SF as some sort of guerilla-marketing-research lackey, kudos. I hope you get the critical mass necessary for the decision makers to start listening to your visitors' feedback.

If you're just some SF user (large or small) and upset with the recent reliability problems,lack of an SLA and half-hearted effort at system-status transparency, thanks for giving the rest of us a common spot to commiserate.

7:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

who cares who you are... competitor or not, the blog is a great idea and a way for us all to share our feelings. Great work!

2:42 PM

Anonymous Dennis Howlett said...

Regardless of your status, it would add credibility to your words if you let 'us' know, one way or another.

12:05 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dennis... who cares who he is? really? it dosen't appear as though he is pushing other crm software companies... and who is the 'us'? I say keep it secret...

6:17 AM


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